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Quick Summary:

At the heart of AWARE I AM is our innovative approach to education, utilizing engaging AR experiences to immerse participants in realistic simulations. Through these simulations, individuals of all ages learn to make informed decisions and witness the consequences in a safe environment, enhancing their ability to handle real-world dangers effectively.

Welcome to AWARE I AM, where we’re dedicated to safeguarding our youth against the myriad dangers they face in today’s world. Our comprehensive program addresses critical issues such as human trafficking, violence, digital threats, and more, empowering participants with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate these risks confidently.

But AWARE I AM goes beyond education – it fosters community unity by involving law enforcement, elected officials, parents, and teachers in the effort to create a safer environment for our children. Together, we create “Real Life” simulations at county festivals, schools, and churches, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

One of the unique aspects of AWARE I AM is its proactive approach to identifying and supporting at-risk youth through our gamified event. Our program generates personalized reports for parents and teachers, highlighting behavioral indicators and warning signs that may indicate susceptibility to grooming or risky behaviors. We also provide comprehensive training on digital safety, equipping participants with the skills to recognize and respond to online threats, including potential traffickers.

Community involvement is central to our mission as we bring together elected officials and law enforcement to play pivotal roles, delivering keynotes and recognizing community efforts at larger events. Our reporting tool securely stores incident reports and utilizes AI to identify patterns, facilitating connections between individuals for mutual support and aiding law enforcement in ongoing investigations.

Just In Case Reporting Tool: A pivotal component of the program is the reporting tool, which securely stores incident reports in a cloud-based secured system. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to identify patterns and link similar reports, facilitating connections between individuals for mutual support. Additionally, it enables law enforcement to request relevant information for ongoing investigations, ultimately providing actionable data to legislators and offering a clearer understanding of the challenges communities face.

Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded a bright red silicone bracelet bearing the words “AWARE I AM.” This bracelet serves as a powerful symbol of awareness and empowerment, signaling to potential predators that the wearer is informed and prepared to take action. By distributing these bracelets, we aim to instill confidence and reverse the dynamics of fear, making traffickers think twice before targeting those who are equipped to resist and report exploitation. There will be an international marketing campaign that will go out to let all the groomers know that anyone wearing these bands knows how to see through their tactics and will report them to the authorities! Together we can FLIP THE FEAR!

Join us in supporting this vital cause and help us expand our reach to ensure every child has the knowledge and tools to stay safe. You can donate part of the development and be part of building a secure future for our youth with AWARE I AM. Together, we can make a difference.

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