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Quick Summary:

"Empowered I Am Watches" aims to transform how we perceive and react to stress in real time, using state-of-the-art technology. By precisely detecting negative and positive stress combined with location and time, our watches are more than just wearables; they become lifelines to understanding what they are truly experiencing even when the wearer can't understand.

Empowered I Am Watches: A New Type of BioFeedback

“Empowered I Am Watches” aims to transform how we perceive and react to stress in real time, using state-of-the-art technology. By precisely detecting negative and positive stress combined with location and time, our watches are more than just wearables; they become lifelines to understanding what they are truly experiencing even when the wearer can’t understand. Connecting the wearer to a network of support, understanding, and care is needed more now than ever before.

Our Objective: To enhance mental health support and awareness for vulnerable demographics through a new type of biofeedback with an advanced algorithm that can provide insights into what the body is actually feeling. Our technology can be further developed to foster proactive mental health practices.

The Key Features:

  • Real-time Stress Monitoring: Uses advanced biometric sensors to distinguish between negative and positive stress combined with location markers and time.
  • Location & Time Data: Pinpoints stress triggers by time and location, offering insights into chronic stress sources.
  • Support Notifications: Automatically notifies the wearer, predefined caregivers, or professionals(based on the usage of the watch), upon the detection of severe stressors or potentially important insights.
  • 4G Cellular Technology: Every watch has the ability to make calls from the watch with no wifi, Bluetooth, or cellphone component giving the wearer additional support in case of an emergency. This also assists in areas where they may not have access to wifi or cellphones so this can be utilized around the globe.
  • Data Security: Ensures that user data remains private and secure, with encrypted storage and transmission. Users retain complete control over who accesses their information.
  • Bio-Sensing Capabilities: Leverages next-generation biometric sensors to monitor subtle physiological changes, mapping these to emotional states, with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Adaptive Algorithms: The watch learns from its wearer. Over time, its algorithms adapt to the individual’s unique physiological responses, enhancing accuracy and personalized insights.

The Target Demographics:

  • Both Vulnerable and Non-vulnerable Children (16+ initially): The aim is to refine algorithms over time for younger age groups. The size of the group and time frame could allow us to complete all ages down to 3 years old in just a few years.
  • Seniors: Assisting caregivers in identifying stressors impacting loved ones in care facilities or their homes. Knowing what is actually happening to their loved ones when they can’t or won’t speak out can be vital to the quality of their life.
  • Adults with Disabilities: Empowering wearers with enhanced communication and building a better understanding with their caregivers to support them on where their stress triggers are.
  • Veterans: Supporting PTSD triggers, providing predictive analytics for better awareness, and ultimately preventing suicide.
  • Adults Seeking Awareness: Those invested in proactive mental health management. Many adults who have heard about what we are doing, want one for themselves to help them better understand their own lives. This could also lead to bringing awareness around domestic violence which the wearer doesn’t realize or even toxic friendships where rationalization occurs.
  • Hospitals & Care Facilities: Empowering institutions to monitor and improve patient care and build trust with families.
  • Colleges & Universities: Assisting in the safety and well-being of their students is important and this watch could provide insights into where to invest or better support the students on their educational journey. With the built-in emergency options, they always have a lifeline to help.

Our Idea For A Distribution Plan:

  • No-Cost Watches: For vulnerable children identified through partnerships with schools, NGOs, and community centers. These will be donated through crowdfunding efforts from the Kind I Am Platform or larger donations. We hope to get grants to offer no-cost watches to Veterans and Adults with Disabilities.
  • Paid For Watches $175ea (Buy 1, donate 2): For all other children adults, and organizations, ensuring affordability and accessibility.
  • Discounted Bundles $125ea (Buy 1 donate 1): For institutions like hospitals, colleges, and care facilities to integrate watches into their establishments.
  • Telehealth Platforms (Future Development): Integrate our services with telehealth platforms, enabling real-time consultations when stressors are detected.
  • Subscription Model (Small fee to maintain the servers): Offer a subscription model that provides users with regular insights, updates, and access to mental health professionals.

Join the Impact Coalition Campaign: Ignite Change, Inspire Hope

Transform Lives Through Collective Action

At Kind I Am, we believe in the power of collective action to bring about meaningful change. Our vision extends beyond boundaries, aiming to make a profound impact on the interconnected challenges of our time – ending trafficking, improving mental health, and closing the poverty gap. Join us in the transformative journey of the Impact Coalition Campaign and be a catalyst for change.

The Impact Coalition Campaign: A Call to Action

Our Goal: $175,000 for Initial Development, $300,000 for Comprehensive Implementation

We are embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to initiate testing within two key demographics. To fully realize our vision across all initiatives, we estimate a total of $300,000 will be required. The Impact Coalition Campaign is our rallying call to achieve this goal.

How You Can Make a Difference: Become an Impact Coalition Partner

We invite businesses with a heart for social change to become Impact Coalition Partners. With a commitment of $1,000, each partner will play a pivotal role in driving the initial development and testing phases. As an Impact Coalition Partner, you will not only contribute to transformative projects but also enjoy exclusive exposure opportunities.

The Kindness Cards: Showcasing Your Commitment to Impact

As a token of our appreciation, each Impact Coalition Partner will have their logo featured on our exclusive Kindness Cards. These cards will be distributed in tandem with specific initiatives, ensuring your brand is associated with the positive change you’re helping us achieve.

Exclusive Exposure: Your Logo, Global Acknowledgment

  • Visibility: Your logo is prominently displayed on Kindness Cards and in the kindness footprint distributed in alignment with your chosen initiative.
  • Acknowledgment: Recognition of your generous contribution to all related social media and PR campaigns.
  • Impact Reports: Receive detailed impact reports showcasing how your contribution is making a difference.

Inspire Change, Secure Your Legacy

300 Businesses, One Collective Impact

Our vision is grand, but the power lies in unity. With the collective strength of 300 businesses, we can surpass our fundraising goal and accelerate the pace of positive change by developing a technology that has the power to shift mental health for everyone! We promise to create the most impact possible by leveraging our resources and donations to provide these to vulnerable populations around the world and cost-effective for those who can afford one.

Join the Movement: Ignite Change, Inspire Hope

Be a part of the Impact Coalition Campaign and leave a lasting legacy of impact. Your contribution goes beyond dollars – it’s an investment in a brighter future for vulnerable populations around the world.

Donate Now:

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or would like more information about becoming an Impact Coalition Partner, please reach out to us at [Contact Email/Phone].

Additional Partnership Opportunities:

  • Tech Companies: Collaborate for continual technology enhancements and additional features.
  • Local Businesses: Sponsor watches for the vulnerable demographics in their community, enhancing their CSR initiatives and building additional brand awareness.
  • Enterprises: Partner for large-scale distribution, development, and R&D for increased ability to support mental health and safety.
  • Collaborative Research: Encourage tech and health partners to collaboratively research refining algorithms, enhancing user experience, and expanding watch capabilities.
  • CSR Initiatives: Create packages for businesses where they can sponsor watch distributions in underserved communities as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Join us in our initiative to create a beacon for a world where every individual’s mental well-being is prioritized. We envision a future where these watches become an indispensable part of health regimens, fostering a global community proactive about mental health. We invite our donors to not just invest financially in this solution but to champion a cause that holds the promise of transforming millions of lives around the world. Together, we can build a global community where no stress goes unnoticed, and no call for help goes unanswered.

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