Increase Your Rotary Club Membership

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Retain Membership

You can retain members by giving them the kindness cards to go and do small, easy projects through kindness that give them that opportunity to be a rotarian, represent Rotary and track the impact which improves their feeling of being in Rotary and improves your PR.

Show Your Impact

Your club and district earns impact points that show the impact that you are making in this world which has visuals and tracks what and when you do these projects or even small acts of kindness.

Connect with Others & Organize to Make an Even Bigger Impact

Through our Global Alliance Project, your club will have access to the portal which provides a project management tool, blueprints, the ability to collaborate with other clubs and organizations on projects and even ties into the kindness footprint where the impact points are shown so you can use this to drive new membership, donations and volunteers to support your projects.

Launch Plan

Have a questions? Or want to collaborate?

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Become a Founding Member

By joining us before we publicly launch, you can sign up to become a Founding Member for $50/month membership. All donations go to impact and you will have the chance for additional exposure when we launch to tell your story on why YOU started this movement to the press.
There will be extra fun development that will be only available to our founders as well as you can provide feedback on our platform about your ideas and experience.

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Let’s Start This Movement Together!


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