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Join us to make a positive difference. Volunteer your time, skills, and talents to our projects or committees. With many options available, we believe everyone has something unique to contribute. Let’s collaborate and make an impact. Together, we can change the world and create a better future.

Join A Committee

Be A Major Part
Of Changing The World

Embark on a fulfilling journey with KindIAm’s Advisory Boards, Steering Committees, and Project-Specific Committees. We’ve redefined commitment to ensure your valuable time is respected – can be less than 2 hours per month.

Your input becomes a pivotal force in steering global change. Dive in, discover the position that resonates with you, and become an integral part of our transformative mission. Your involvement matters, and together, we’ll make a world of difference.

Committee Roles

You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

In cultivating our volunteer community, we’ve meticulously designed our Advisory Boards, Steering Committees, and Project-Specific Committees with intention and care.

Our approach is crafted to ensure that no one feels overwhelmed at any point in their journey with us. This thoughtful structure fosters synergy among our dedicated volunteers, propelling us toward swift progress and making a profound impact across all our initiatives.

Join us in these advisory board level positions, where your unique skills and insights will contribute to our collective mission of creating positive change with efficiency and purpose.

Together, let’s turn every initiative into a catalyst for lasting transformation.

We need a director and people who are interested in supporting our efforts in raising funds for various impact projects! 

Recruits, manages and coordinates with the influencers who are pushing out Kind I Am to their network and creating content around our initiatives and projects. 

Works with the communications team, events, fundraising team, projects coordinator, recruiting director and our projects coordinator to make sure social media and PR have the right content strategy so we can support everyone how they need supported. This is a VERY important role!

Webinars on Updates & Progress

Upcoming Events

Are you ready to be a part of something great? Join us and be a part of exciting updates and progress on all of our initiatives and projects! Your contribution is essential in moving forward and making a positive impact on the world.

This will include our AWARE I AM Project, our AI Watch Development, and our Airport Technology to help both the prevention and intervention of our most vulnerable population around the world.

This will include our AI Watch Development for the different demographic segmentations like:

  • Children
  • Veterans
  • Young Adults
  • Single Parents
  • Persons with Disabililities
  • Experiencing Homelessness

This is an initiative that is still being developed, so this webinar will be more discussion-based. We are looking to support global improvements by:

  • Legislation in the US
  • UN Policy Discussion
  • Concerns Globally
  • Child Safety & Family Support

This is a global initiative where we will develop high-poverty communities to become self-staining and empowered to change their lives and continue inspiring others to grow as well using:

  1. Educational training
  2. Technology
  3. Microloans & mentorship
  4. Other transformative programs

Requirements To Become An Advisory Level Volunteer