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Uniting People Through Kindness


We have the power to make positive change in the world! By harnessing the revenue generated by our movement’s members, we can implement innovative and effective solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet such as Human Trafficking, Mental Health, and Poverty, creating a brighter future for generations to come. Let’s inspire each other to take action and make a difference in our world!

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Join A Committee

Join our movement and make a positive impact on what matters to you. Find an initiative that speaks to your heart. Your passion and dedication can make a huge difference.

Impact Partners

Become or nominate an impact partner so we can join together to maximize our impact by providing technology, collaboration opportunities, and other resources we build out.

Kindness Footprint

Join us in launching the 100k Founding Members around the world and unite the world through acts of kindness paid forward. Lead the way for others and create impact you can see!

Kind I Am

On A Mission To Change The World

Let’s unite to end Human Trafficking, prioritize Mental Health, and eradicate Poverty. Together, we can inspire change and create a more compassionate and just world. Your efforts can make a remarkable difference. Let’s work with conviction and dedication to fire up this movement!

Beyond Politics A Global Kindness Movement

At Kind I Am, we proudly embrace an a-political stance because we believe that kindness is a universal language that transcends political boundaries. Our mission is rooted in the idea that compassion and empathy should be accessible to everyone, regardless of political affiliations. In a world often divided by politics, we see kindness as the common ground where unity can flourish. Peace becomes possible through the simple yet profound acts of compassion that kindness embodies. We firmly believe that kindness is free and holds the transformative power to create a butterfly effect of positivity. By fostering a culture of kindness, we aim to bridge divides, bring people together, and contribute to a more compassionate and unified world. Join us in spreading kindness, for it knows no political distinctions and has the potential to create a global movement of harmony and understanding.

Start This Movement

Become A Founding Member

By joining us before we publicly launch, you can sign up to become a Founding Member for $50/month membership. All donations go to impact and you will have the chance for additional exposure when we launch to tell your story on why YOU started this movement to the press.

There will be extra fun development that will be only available to our founders as well as you can provide feedback on our platform about your ideas and experience.

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Let’s Start This Movement Together!


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Launching The Kindness Footprint BETA

We are spearheading a groundbreaking global movement, one that aims to foster unity across nations by promoting acts of kindness, serving as catalysts for a positive mindset shift and raising small donations globally to develop the Impact Projects.

Learn MoreNovember 10, 2023

Putting Together Committees & Plans

We have an incredible opportunity to bring together a diverse and accomplished group of advisors for each of our initiatives. Their expertise and lived experience will help us develop dynamic plans that meet the needs of the communities we serve. By collaborating with these visionaries, we can create a future that is truly inclusive and empowering. Let us embrace this chance to learn from those around us and work together towards a brighter tomorrow.

Let's Talk!Starting In December 2023

Impact Partners- Global Alliance Platform

Rohring Results is developing an online Collaborative Portal given to all of our Impact Partners, at no cost, to create a Collaborative Network where we provide technology, resources, exposure, streamlined communication tools and project management to help create a bigger impact.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb

Learn MoreJanuary - July 2024

AWARE I AM- Prevent Human Trafficking

Our "AWARE I AM" program utilizes AR experiences to empower youth against trafficking, violence, and digital threats. It unites communities through the involvement of law enforcement and officials. The program also identifies at-risk youth and provides personalized reports for parents and teachers. Through a reporting tool, incidents are securely stored to aid investigations and provide support. Participants receive an "AWARE I AM" bracelet symbolizing their empowerment. Join us in creating a safer environment for our youth and will "flip the fear" of the trafficker and child!

Read MoreApril- August 2024

Empowered I Am

Our "Empowered I Am" watches can detect the difference between good stress and bad stress in real time and we will pair that data with location and time to help create personalized algorithms and triggers for different demographics and use cases. 

Want to join our beta testers and support the development? Become or sponsor someone and you will be one of the first to test and be included on all of our zoom sessions!

Join our Beta1June- November 2024

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We Have Never Been More Divided

It's time for a Global Change

In a world facing unprecedented challenges, unity is our greatest strength. At Kind I Am, we recognize that the power to make a difference lies in coming together, transcending boundaries, and fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Breaking Barriers: In a time when divisions seem more pronounced than ever, Kind I Am stands as a beacon of hope. We believe that by fostering unity, understanding, and compassion, we can overcome any challenges that divide us.

Global Change: Our mission is rooted in the belief that global change starts with collective action. We seek to bridge divides, build connections, and create a world where kindness knows no borders.


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