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Trafficking, Mental Health, Poverty, And More – It’s Time For Us All To Unite Around Acts Of Kindness And Solutions!

We have solutions to many of these horrific realities that people had to struggle with above...Let's change the world together!

Become A Founding Member of Kind I Am and tell your story with passion and determination of why you want to start this movement!

Share with the world why you believe that kindness is essential for starting a movement for change. Imagine a world where there is an abundance of kindness everyday, where children in underserved communities have access to opportunities to grow and thrive, where mental health is prioritized, and where human rights are respected and protected. That world is within our reach, and it starts with us.

We are launching a global movement to ignite change and create a more compassionate world. The world needs more kindness, and we are here to make it happen. Be ready to inspire others with your story, and let’s work together to bring respect, love, and empathy to every corner of the globe. Your voice matters, and your actions can make a difference. Let’s create a brighter, kinder, and more inclusive future for all!

kind i am Initiatives

Children & Foster Care

Mental Health For All

End Human Trafficking

Unity & Compassion

Technologies & Solutions

Our Development Team has truly shown us the power of hard work and dedication. They have been actively building and creating innovative technologies that will change the world as we know it. Alongside them, our founder, Brittany Rohr, has been working tirelessly to bring together a group of impact partners who are just as passionate about making a difference as we are. Seeing the efforts of our team and partners come together has been nothing short of inspiring. We are elated to be a part of this global movement and can’t wait to witness the positive impact that these platforms will bring to our world.

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Kind I Am Application With Kindness Footprint Map – Initial application is created but we are optimizing the gamification and user interface to be more appealing. We are also still adding on the Business/Organization structure and programming. 

Expected to be released in beta in Late September|Early October!

The kind i am platform is the base of the entire movement as it allows the people in the movement to see their impact on the map and see the global reach of the others. The gamification, tracking, scaling is all possible because of this application. Below is the initial flow of what the user will experience and how they can spread kindness with the cards.

Our smart watches have the capability to distinguish between negative and positive stress. This advanced watch is coupled with location and time data, enabling the pinpointing of sources of chronic stress or immediate stress triggers in real-time. Notifications are then dispatched to individuals capable of offering assistance, such as school guidance counselors for students, adult caregivers for seniors, or therapists for veterans grappling with PTSD.

    1. 16 years and up to start for Children, but training our algorithms year by year for accurate results. Will be providing no-cost watches to “vulnerable children” and at cost to all other children around the world.
    2. Seniors in care facilities or at home for their families to know their loved one is safe and see what might be chronically effecting them.
    3. Adults with Disabilities to help with communication and empowerment to the wearer.
    4. Veterans to help prevent suicides and assist with detecting the causes of PTSD.
    5. Adults who want awareness

Businesses like Hospitals or care facilities to show the treatment of their patients and help family’s feel more connected.

The primary objective is to uplift neighborhoods grappling with elevated crime rates and poverty levels by establishing empowerment centers. These centers will serve as hubs where individuals can access scholarships, grants, technological resources, training, mentorship, and various forms of assistance, all aimed at fostering their journey towards success. Open to all age groups, the entry to these centers will be facilitated through community acts of kindness.This innovative approach not only helps rejuvenate these communities but also cultivates a strong sense of shared responsibility, akin to a unified “tribe.” Through engaging in acts of kindness, individuals contribute to the revitalization of their residences and the community at large, simultaneously enhancing property values. This virtuous cycle of rebuilding not only empowers individuals but also elevates the overall economic prospects of the community.

Objectives involve assisting in the preservation of stable living environments for children through collaboration with Better Together. Additionally, the focus extends to providing comprehensive aid, including housing, support, and opportunities, to individuals who are transitioning out of the Foster Care system.

We are working with the permanent observer from the international anti-corruption agency on a solution that will stop trafficking in air travel. This solution will also lead to the ability to stop trafficking in public areas around the world as well after the algorithm progresses.

An app that shows the current stress level (positive or negative) with color and approximate location to show clusters of the stress levels of different areas and hopefully watch them change in time as kind i am launches.

An application that goes on children’s and teen’s phones to provide gamification and subconscious psychology to help them be more alert for grooming and a built in reporting tool.